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Prasaranga , the publication wing of the Karnataka State Open University is a unique organization that was established in the year 2008 for the purpose of publications and extension activities. Till date, Prasaranga has published numerous books and research publications which are well received from academicians and students. In 2021, Prasaranga is registered with Raja Rammohun Roy National Agency to obtain ISBN series for future publications. Prof D.K Rajendra was the first Director (2008- 2013), followed by Dr.Tejaswi Navilooru( 2009-2020), and Dr.Santhosh Naik R (since 2020) is the present Director/coordinator.


The aim of any university is to create and share knowledge. A university publication wing is an essential part of the mission of sharing and promoting knowledge to a wider audience. We are focused towards quality publication which is not covered exhaustively by other publishers.


  • To bring quality publications to enhance the knowledge universe.
  • To encourage writers, authors and researchers to create valuable content in English and Kannada languages.

Future plans

  • To bring an interdisciplinary journal with scholarly publication containing articles written by researchers, professors and other experts.
  • Digitization of all books.
  • Publishing textbooks in different subjects.
  • Promoting young writers in Kannada with a special emphasis on writing books in area of Social Science, Science and Technology, Management and such other professional fields.
  • To create an online platform for books
  • Reprinting of all books that are of great value and in demand

Dr. Santhosh Naik R
Prasaranga Karnataka State Open University Mukthgangothri Mysuru-06